"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Lewis Carroll

MASH LOGO no BG1 The Firebird Musical Myths crop Chapter 12 PROJECTION

C H I L D R E N ' S  C O N C E R T S

Wonderland was our first project and was created to raise money for the Lenny Trusler Childrenʼs Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to providing relief from suffering and illness in very sick babies and children.


2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. 13 different composers were commissioned to each write a short piece inspired by the book’s preface and twelve chapters. They are performed in order, such that the story's narrative is told through music, and are interspersed by an actor reading a specially written script by Louis de Bernieres. Some of the world’s most renowned composers have participated, all of them writing voluntarily.


A new set of illustrations were commissioned for projection and a series of 13 short films were created in partnership with the Pharos Foundation for live screenings. The project will be released on CD on Orchid Classics in November 2016.

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Described by the press as "irresistible", "beautiful" and "enchanting", the Musical Myths series from Mash Productions offers children an escape into the worlds of imagination and wonder created by some of classical music’s greatest composers, through the fairy tales which have enchanted us all for countless generations.


The first work in the series - The Firebird - is an enchanting Fairy Tale about the adventures of Prince Ivan and his friendship with the most beautiful bird in the world. In this retelling of the classic story, we unite narrator and orchestra in an adaptation of Stravinsky’s brilliant ballet score, bringing it to life as vividly as ever before.


Each myth is around 22 minutes long, and together they form a delightful children’s concert which can be performed with either full orchestra, or in piano solo arrangements.


Musical Myths

3 Men and a Mime!

Les Bubb is - by common consent - the top comedy mime artist in the UK, and one of the most innovative and accessible physical comics in Europe.  Trio Apaches are a piano trio.  In this unique family show Les' extraordinary range of abilities will be unleashed over, under and around the trio to create a cacophony of comical illusions.


Have you ever wondered what Beethoven had for breakfast on the morning he composed one of his most famous trios?  Do you do your household cleaning while dancing with your favourite broom to the music of Saint-Saens?  Or perhaps you've always wanted to know what Mozart's Marriage of Figaro would sound like if arranged for piano trio and cat?


This concert of music, mime, magic and mirth will make you laugh and cry (and possibly even have you scratching your heads in bewilderment) as a series of great works are reimagined and recreated in ways you never thought possible.  Join us, and we guarantee you'll never hear them in quite the same way again.